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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Review; Barry M Natural Dazzle compact

For some time now I have had the Barry M Natural Dazzle Compact in my collection. For the large part it has remained un-used as I am so pale, it was unsuitable for me to use as a contour without it being obvious. I have dry sking and so prefer to use a cream bronzer for bronzing up my complexion and i have been using the Benefit somekinda gorgeous to do that. (I know I know, It's supposed to be a foundation. Further proof that I am so pale!)
However, Just lately I have been using a different moisturiser than normal before I go to bed and in the morning I apply 2 layers of my ususl day cream. (I will do a seperate review on these products later). My Skin had more then thanked me for it. I first started my new routine after exfoliating. (over a week ago) and I've not needed to exfoliate since. By now I would have needed to exfoliate at least another 4 times (AT LEAST!!).
So I have been able to get away with using more of my powder products and have come back to this all time fave. I apply it using a NARS bronzer brush andit's the perfect combo.
I am still too pale to use it as a contour, but I have been lightly dusting it across my cheeks, forhead, chin and nose (remembering to connect it down my neck) to give an all over glow. And I can honestly say I LOVE THIS! For some one so pale with dry skin to love something 'universal' (which usually means too dark) and powdery, is a fair achievement to say the least!
But it just looks so natural. I love that it's matt. If I want a bronze tan effect to look natural, I don't want shimmer ALL over my entire face. I may apply a second shimmery product JUST across my cheeks but NO WHERE ELSE. other wise it just looks WRONG!
Anyhoo, I love the NARS-esque packaging. I love the staying power. I just really rate this product. And if I can pull it off, anyone can!
Who needs Laguna anyway?


Barry M- You've done it again! <3

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