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Sunday, 23 May 2010

BOOTS Natural Collection Lipsticks.

Sorry for the rubbushy photo guys. But left to right are; Sandcastle, Apple Blossom, Rose Petal and Lotus. All strikingly similar Nudey pinks, but different enough (and cheap enough) to justify getting all four!
2 of them are moisture shines and 2 are sheer naturals. And they are only £1.99 from BOOTS. You can forgive the rather shoddy packaging when you consider that you get a colour pay off and a formula consistant with anything from GOSH (where you pay £6-£8 for a single lippy and you get all four for £8) I seriously love these and they are my proudest beauty find of 2010. Credit crunch-credit shmunch!

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  1. I really want apple blossom, i didn't have time to get it when i went to boots the other day but after my last exam on friday i think i'll treat myself to it :) I hope makeup is still on 3 for 2 it was last week.


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