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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Barry M Lip paint. it's a bit magick!!

Old Bazzer M has of course created the cult favourite 101 nude lipstick which, any makeup devotee who takes herself seriously will own. But that's not the lip paint I want to talk about. No.... it's the rather scary looking green one. Don't be put off by it's misleading colour. It actually turns a bright fucia pink. Which is superior to any of its brethren in the Hot pink colour family also created by Barry M due to its consistancy and lip-staining abilities.
Once on, this stains lips a gorgeous fucia shade for hours and HOURS. Not even kidding. What's more it's silky feel is far preferable to the likes of the 101's chalky, heavy, cakey feel.
So ladies, as they say, never judge a book (or a lipstick) by it's cover (colour) ;)

It's called the magick lipstick. Rush out and Buy one. definitley a must for any lipstick wardrobe.

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  1. It changes colour? Lol when i went to pick up another 101 i saw it and thought who would wear green lipstick? it never occurred to me it would be a different colour on the lips.


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