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Friday, 30 April 2010

Today I wanted a more summer feel to my makeup with out using pastels on my eyes or coral on my lips as everone will be doing the 'on trend' thing. So i went with a beautiful mossy green eye pigment I've had in my collection for ages that got neglected when I discovered the Barry M Dazzle Dusts a few years ago. It's a loose eye shadow by stargazer that I bought when I was about 17. So that makes it7 years old now and it's still going strong.
I started with this as I didn't want any fall out to mess up my foundation. I used my mac fix+ spraying it into the lid of the e/s then mixing some of the green pigment into the fix+. to create a paste which I then painted on tho my lid just up to (but not into) the crease.
I then used some of the loose pigment (not mixed with fix+) on a blending brush and blended over the harsh line and along the crease.
The colour pay off with the paste mixture was so vibrant. It looked B-E-A-UTIFUL! if I do say so myself ;) I didn't use ant eye liner in the day, (although in the evening I did run my new Sleek Black kajal along my upper and lower water lines for a more dramatic effect.) But I did use lashing upon lashings of my MEMEME fat cat mascara. which is their dupe for the Benefit BadGal lash. (and not a bad one I might add).

I then did my base using my Bourjois 10 hr sleep effect foundation. I filled in my brown using my MAC 'Fling' eyebrow pencil. and added some of my MAC blushcreme in Britwit onto the spples of my cheeks.
I then finished off with my new favourite peachy nude from Boots natural collection which is a steal at £1.99 in the colour Rose petal. I seriously love that stuff.
Here is a closeup of how my eye makeup turned out;
So that was my FACE OF THE DAY. First ever one. Phew! Glad that's over with. Now I can move onto more pressing matters, like politics.....nah only joking. I wouldn't do that to you! xxx

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