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I'm a twenty somthing with a 'mild' obsession with makeup and clothes. Here you will be able to see my attempts to organise the Chaos of my erratic mind and condense it's contents onto these virtual pages of LUST LISTS....

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Wedding dress and Venue in the bag!

Yesterday was a VERY productive day. Spent the afternoon with my wedding dress designer, taking measurements (yikes!) and finalising the design. I am so pleased with it.It's better then anything i could have imagined, even though I did imagine it. I can't wait to show you pictures but alas! You will have to wait until october 6th (the date of the wedding) to see me wearing it. There will be no sneak peaks as my fiance sometimes checks out my blog and obviously, he can't see! I'm *so excited*
We finalised all the details with the venue yesterday as well. The phone didn't stop ringing all day. While I was in Bristol with the lovely Maresa who is making my dress, Find her website
here or her facebook here, My lovely other half took our two sons to rugby practice and then to watch a film and then made pizzas with them at home. *sigh* I went to bed in a blissfully happy dream-like state. This morning he woke me up with a cup of tea while our 2 (nearly 3) year old climbed into bed with me for cuddles..... Such a hard life!
As I can't show you my dress, I shall leave you with a bitmap of the images I collected for my dress inspiration just to tantalize you.....
(click to enlarge)

Friday, 27 January 2012

Deco dresses!

The theme, if you can call it a theme, for our wedding is Art Deco. I say theme, but it's not fancy dress or anything. Basically we have taken inspiration from the era in terms of dress and
decoration. Style wise I have always had a penchant for vintage. In particular the 20s 30s and 70s. i love the indi, boho and rocker looks for everyday casual dress but whenever it comes to something formal I have always gone with a nod towards a more decadent era and to me the 20s embodies the pure luxury and self-indulgence as well as the self expression I associate with
weddings. It made perfect sense for us to take inspiration from the glamour and fun from the 20s.

Moving on then to the dress I will be wearing for my Hen do;

I won this on ebay. It is almost 100 years old yet it still has all the beads!! there was a teeny tiny hole on one of the shoulders which I have repaired and now it is perfect!
I am so excited to wear this. We havn't decided what we are doing for the actual do itself yet, but I know what I'll be wearing! The dress is sheer so I have bought a couple of slips from Marks and Spencers to go underneath. One is Nude and the other is Black. I havn't decided which one I will put underneath yet though. I am currently on the hunt for the perfect pair of T-bar shoes to go
with it.
My lovely mother suggested these;

Teatro Helga Bugle Bead Trim Shoe from Littlewoods.

Unfortunately they were discontinued before I could make up my mind!
The heel can't be too high as I am rubbish with heels and I need to be able to wear them all night and dance in them.
The search continues.......

Thursday, 26 January 2012

The Long overdue Ramble about life, what's been going on and why I suddenly abandoned the internet (in a manner of speaking)

Right! I have promised myself that this is going to be a brief overview of what's happened during the last year/ 18 months. For those of you who may be interested in my humble little old life, here it goes;

December 4th 2010 My lovely boyfriend of nearly a decade popped THE question. Our two children had been picked up by his parents to spend the night and we were having a rare night off and had planned to go out for a meal together. I had gone upstairs to get ready and upon my coming downstairs my boyfriend was smartly dressed and holding a bunch of flowers. The flowers weren't that unusual, he's not too bad at randomly giving me little things like flowers etc, but him being smartly dressed and having lit several candles around the living room was however, highly
unusual. To cut a long story short nestled in amongst the flowers was a a box with a not wrapped around it.the note read something along the lines of "I'm not very good at this sort of thing, so will you open the box please?" And inside the box was...you guessed it, a picture hook! Nah, just kidding. It was a gorgeous engagement ring! I was so stunned I was speachless and I am never one to not have anything to say! I just stood there Grinning like a fool. And after a few moments he said, rather anxiously I might add, "Well?" I realised at that point he was genuinely waiting for my reply....as if I would say 'no'!!!!?? He's only the love of my life not to mention the father of our two children!

So anyway not long after that it was christmas, then I began a course to get qualified as a professional makeup-artist and began driving lessons as well as planning a wedding before I knew it it was christmas again and my youngest started playgroup and my eldest son has been having surprisingly in-depth homework (in year 1?!?) that is far too complex for him to do on his own! I swear his school is really setting homework for the parents! Last week I h
ad to research family crests, research Judaism and build a 3D papier mache castle! Huey has also began swimming lessons and to top it all off, last June I began writing a novel! phew! There are also little everyday things called life which get in the way such as sleeping, eating, showering hoovering and visiting friends and family that get in the way of blogging...oh and breathing of course! Let's not forget to breathe!

So as you can see I have been busy busy busy. I'm not complainin
g though. I wouldn't have it any other way! Thing is, I do love blogging and I do miss it! But so much of my money has been going on driving and saving for the wedding etc I havn't really bought anything to show you or blog about, and as for blogging about life, well,I've been too busy living it to blog about it. Better than having time to blog but nothing to blog about I suppose, but hopefully things should slow down one the wedding is over and I (fingers crossed) finally pass my driving test!

...And there I was thinking this was going to be a short post. Ah well! Once a rambler,always a rambler. Nothings changed there at least! adios amigos! see you on the flip flop! xxx

Here is a pic of the ring for those that want to see;

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