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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Review; BodyShop Warming mineral mask

Can I say enough good things about this product? NO! I love everything about it. I have tried so called 'warming' masks and scrubs in the past and been left bitterly disappointed. The 'warmth' amounts to a mere 1/2 second of 'ooh was that somthing?' then it's gone no sonner than it had arrived. But THIS is somthing different. It gets HOT. Well, not burn yourself hot, but borderline uncomfortable hot. And it lasts for more than 1/2 a second. About 15 seconds to be exact. For anyone who's not familliar with these type of products, that's a LONG time.
So you wet your skin first (V. Important step; you won't get the heat sensation without it.) Then apply a pea sized ammount to forehead, a pea size on each cheek, then divide a pea size amount between nose and chin. Don't put it on the delicate skin around the eyes (they won't need this kind of deep cleansing anyway). You will immediatley feel the warmth, then rub it over your skin to get the HEAT.
The heat makes your pores enlarge allowing the mark to penetrate deep down for a really good clean out. rinse off THOROUGHLY (otherwise it will look like you have black heads when the dark green product is left vehind and who wants that?). Then last VITAL step; give your face one final rinse with COLD water. about as cold as you can stand. This will 'close' pores, preventing any bacteria or dirt from clogging them up again.
I love the texture, soothing feel and action of this product. BIG THUMBS UP for bodyshop yet again.
They may be a tad pricey, but you get what you pay for.


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