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I am a full- time mum of 2 under 4year olds! I have a 'little' obsession with makeup. I don't even have to wear it. I just like having it!


I'm a twenty somthing with a 'mild' obsession with makeup and clothes. Here you will be able to see my attempts to organise the Chaos of my erratic mind and condense it's contents onto these virtual pages of LUST LISTS....

Friday, 21 May 2010

.....life before Blogger.....

This is the Notebook I spoke of before when I said I've been carrying around my trusty notebook. I pour everything into it. And it is now full. Plus I can't sahre the things in it with everyone. It's still a baeutiful thing to have. And when it's finished I will without doubt be replacing it with another beautiful notebook. I love sketching things in it. many a time have I created my own ideal makeup range in here. That Pen is from Past Times and if I sit in the window it actches the sunlight and shines little dots of light around the room like a disco ball!! Does anyone else have a notebook they can't bare to be parted from? What kinds of things do you write in it?

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