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Monday, 3 May 2010

Favourite MAC lipsticks!

left to right; Patisserie, Creme d'nude and See sheer.

Patisserie is a neutral pinky beige. The kind of colour that you wish your lips were naturally. So you can wear this with a neutral look for a smart work meeting, with a smokey eye without making the lips fight and compete for attention or you can slick it on with a smudge of whatever on the eyes and bed hair for a casual non try hard look for when you're in a hurry. A staple!

Creme d'nude is quite possibly MAC's greatest Nude triumph! Some nudes are too pink (HUE) some, too peachy others too 'flat' or chalky. This one has the perfect balance of pale and interesting without making me look like my heart has stopped beating.

See sheer is the perfect apricoty-coraly-tawny colour for summer radience. It perfectly compliments any peachy/coraly blusher.

I would have included Ruby Woo as an example of a perfect matt red lippy but i honestly think the revlon Matt lipstick in 'really red' is better.

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