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Friday, 7 May 2010

Benefit Rush Hour Review

I have to admit, I was initially seduced by the beautiful packaging on this baby but I have always favoured the 2in1 lip/cheek product concept. Anything that can downsize the amount of stuff I have to tote around in my 'mum-bag' is a bonus. I love the eyeko fatbalms, versitile and travel friendly with cute packaging-and the Benefit rush hour looked to bed a similar thing. However, unlike the eyeko fat balms this didn't cost a mere £5, oh no! More like a whopping £17.50!! OMG! So Needless to say I was expecting a fair bit more then cute packaging for my money.
Did it deliver? hmmmm... Hard to say.. which I suppose really means,; NOT REALLY. Once again benefits lack of shades choice has reduced them to their 'one shade suits most' category and unforunatley this leaves me outside of that bracket. On my cheeks the colour was passable but on my lips-Urgh! I've basically ended up with a cream blush stick......FOR £17.50! And there was so little product. I've barely used this thing and there's hardly any left! Not a winner for me on that one! It's a little, well dark, to just slick on anytime for any occasion for instant beautification! It's formulation a little too creamy, (you could seriously use this up just by swatching it a few times!) and IMO, if you are going to create a lip and blush duo in one type thing in only one shade, wouldn't it be better to pick a shade that is more traditional, more universally recognised as flattering? I can't be the only pale lovely out there so why don't benefit cater for those who aren't tanned to dark? meh! Ah well, I've learned my lesson with Benefit and their 'Universal' shades. After the some kinda gorgeous catastrophe I don't think I'll ever buy anything that doesn't have at least 2 shades to choose from and not all in the 'dark' end of the scale either!


Points are allocated for packaging and concept and potential to work for someone darker skinned than me.
But seeing as it didn't work for me, or in order to get it to work I either need to cook my skin, or spend a fortune on expensive tanning products, I couldn't really give it higher than a 5.
It also fell down on cost to product amount ratio.

Would I recommend this? Not to any one below an NC/NW 30 in mac at least! And possibly not to anyone under 30 years as well! Seems this should be re-named 'Rush Hour 30'

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