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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Farewell B!

Some of my most treasured makeup items have been from B never too busy to be beautiful. LUSH's sister company that does natural, fairtrade and vegan makeup in these examples of exsquisitley designed packaging. These are a few of the items I am fortunate enough to own. Sadly B had closed it's doors for the last time and LUSH are rumoured to pick up a very small, very select line up from B's most successful range.
The makeup was a tad on the expensive side (think somewhere between The BodyShop and MAC and you won't be far off price wise) Maybe this combined with the fact that since everything was natural and hand made it had rather short expirey dates where thinks would quite literallygo off and go mouldy (!) was ultimatley it's downfall?
Personally I felt more justified buying from B than from more reputable companies from the Estee Lauder Group such as MAC, Clinique, Bobbi Brown or Ahem, Estee lauder (DUH!)
I didn't mind parting with the extra penolas because not only did I get to proudly display the beautiful bottles on my dressing table but I got to keep (and re-use) them when they were empty. I also felt like my shallow purchases were slightly more ethical seeing as it was benefiting others in developing countries (providing Jobs and giving a fair wage etc) and being vegan and non animal tested....let's not forget the beautiful packaging...did I mention the beautiful packaging?
There is not a makeup company out there that comes anywhere close to filling the rather mighty shoes B has left empty with it's premature demise.
It is with a heavy heart that I use the last of my products knowing they cannot be replaced. I will get some consolation from re-filling the empties with products that originally came in less desirable packaging. (Boots Natural Collection anyone?).
B, You had a good run while it lasted. Farewell my Beautiful friend. You will be sorely missed.....

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  1. The packaging looks amazing. I never tried any of their products. But if they had an expiry date it would have probably run out before i used enough.


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