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I am a full- time mum of 2 under 4year olds! I have a 'little' obsession with makeup. I don't even have to wear it. I just like having it!


I'm a twenty somthing with a 'mild' obsession with makeup and clothes. Here you will be able to see my attempts to organise the Chaos of my erratic mind and condense it's contents onto these virtual pages of LUST LISTS....

Monday, 24 May 2010

Outfit of the day

It was yet another beautiful scorcher of a day today (four in a row) Hurrah! At last some of my summer dresses that have until thus far remained in the wardrobe complete with tags unremoved have seen the light of day. And what beautiful light it is! Thankfully todays edition I managed to wear sans tags unlike yesterday when I shamefull managed to forget to cut it off! (oh the humilliation!) It wouldn't have been so bad except it had a great big, red SALE lable on it that read 'WAS; £60 NOW: £9!!! So everyone who walked behind me that day now knows what a cheap skate I am!!

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