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I'm a twenty somthing with a 'mild' obsession with makeup and clothes. Here you will be able to see my attempts to organise the Chaos of my erratic mind and condense it's contents onto these virtual pages of LUST LISTS....

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Here comes the sun.....

do do do do..... :)
well, in bottle form anyway... Ladies I give you; THE Body Shop Sheer sun gel (left) and Body and leg shine. (right);

Having a birthday in June you'd think I would be well tanned by now. But oh no no no (Churchill dog just posessed me!). I knew I would not be able to rely on the British Summer to deliver me enough actual sun to get me all golden in time to wear my nude dress on my birthday without looking totally washed out. So I bought these two beauts in the hopes that they would provide me with a glow worthy of braving a short dress without tights. And boy o boy did they deliver!

I love them because they are instant and therefore wash off. (apply at least an hour before dressing if you are wearing light coloured clothing to minimise chances of staining) Best of all, I'd forgotten to exfoliate. (how could you forget that when fake tanning!?-clearly didn't have my thinking cap on!!) I realised this midway through the process so it was too late. I feared terrible patchy-ness But guess what? nadda! It worked a treat.

The sheer sun gel is matt and ideal for the face. But I don't mind a bit of shimmer on my legs so I use the gel for arms and chest etc, and the leg shine on my legs. The leg shine has a bit of subtle shimmer. No, not glitter. Shimmer. The body shop have been the first to my knowlege, to produce a non-matt false tan product, and get it right!

Both of these products actually felt moisturising too wish is a definite bonus for the dry skinned. I noticed the sheer sun gel looked a bit greasy and like it was separating but I just gave the tube a little shake and it mixed through and I found the slightly greay formula actually helped me to wash the staining off my hands.

I do think it's a tad over-priced seeing as my Rimmel instant false tan is almost identical to the sheer sun gel and you get more than twice as much for less than half the price. But then the Rimmel one didn't feel moisturising and if you didn't exfoliate you would notice straight away. I still prefer the Rimmel one because I can always exfoliate and use a good (oil-free) moisturiser before hand and achieve the same result. But TBS is my fix in a flurry emergency false tanner.

The Leg and Body shine is an almost bargain though. I remember Michael Korrs released a leg shine and it was REALLY expensive (maybe 3 times TBS?) so if you look at it from that perspective, when you buy both these together it evens out. (like the way I'm trying to justify this?)

I would definitley recommend these. But if you don't mind exfoliating and moisturising (which let's face it most of us know you should do this anyway esp with any kind of tanning product) the I'd say save your pennies and buy Rimmel's version. it's nearly as good and waaaaaay cheaper,......packaging isn't as pretty though ;P

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Schmart Outfit of the Day

Who knows what face to pull in these pics? I feel like a pratt when I stand there gurning while taking pics in the fading sunlight in my back garden while the neighbours snigger behing their net curtains... so I settled for 'slightly unimpressed'. anyhoo.... here is what I wore (and am still wearing) today. pics taken only about 20mins ago before I scoffed some scrummy reggae reggae chicken fajitas! mmmmmm...Levi roots you are a genius!!

So ta da! here it is; (click to see it bigger)
The Blazer is from Peacocks.
Lace Hanky vest; New Look
Skinny Jeans; Primark
Nude Pumps; Primark
Chanel 2.55......lol I wish!! Knock off from Internationale
Pearl necklace; Primark
heart earrings; River Island
Ring; H&M
On my Nails; Collection 2000 HOT looks fast dry in shade 35 - 'Dynasty'
On eyes- a pale shell colour from TooFaced romantic pallet on Lid.
MAC woodwinked in crease.
Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara.
MAC mineralize Satinfinish foundation in NC20. I was wearing well dressed Blusher but it has mostly worn off by now.
No Lippy as I having been giving my 1yr old baby (who's a bit poorly) kisses most of the day...
Oh and no comments about the little outbreak on my chinny chin chin please.... I think it resulted from my not quite 4 year old trying to put makeup on me with his grubby little fingers. I'm sure that boy has biological weapon under his fingernails!!

If it ain't broke......

...don't fix it! Why O why did Boots 17 change their shine on lipsticks packaging. My most favourite shade of said lippies is the one in 'flirty'. It's a truly gorgeous neutral shade that brings lips to healthy life without looking unnatural. I wish my lips were this shade for real. It's also very cheap and Good Quality. I highly rate them. Unfortunatly some higher power decided the packaging needed a revamp and came up with this slick slimline tube instead of the old bluey grey fat jobby. Yes it's looks a bit prettier on the outside now. But that wasn't what I was spending the £s on! I bought the lipstick for it's value for money, high quality and performance and fabulous formula! Now they tweeked a little more than the packaging. Maybe it's just me getting ahead of myself but I'm sure the shade is slightly off and the formula not so creamy? I don't know. I think it's more the fact that if you like to apply your lippy straight from the bullet like I do, It now rattles around in it's tube when you press it to your lips. I don't like this. And they've scammed us on the grammage. They've managed to get away with putting less product in but keeping the price the same. I hate when they do that. Like ASDA's smart price bourbons......now DON'T get me started on that one!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010


I have reached 100 subscribers on youtube! So to thank everyone I am holding a little competition. The rules are simple;

#1 You must be a Follower
#2 You must type 'Enter Me' into the comments below

Enter as many times as you like.
Open Internationally.
Winner will be selected at random
Ends on Saturday June 5th 2010. (my Birthday)
Good Luck!

Prize includes;
Sleek STORM palette
Barry M Dazzle Dust 24 old Gold
Collection 2000 dazzle me in Lustrous
MeMeMe eyeliner pen
eyelash curlers
shader brush
blender brush
angled brow brush
johnsons 3 in 1 eye makeup remover
johnsons Holiday skin for face (one shade suits all)
Natural Collection Lipstick in Apple Blossom
Collection 2000 Blusher
Natural Collection clear mascara
Beauty UK metallic sparks jumbo eye pencil in Grey
Miss Sporty concealer pencil
Sparkly makeup bag

I will also be running this contest on my Youtube at;

Pictures will follow shortly. But I am posting this now to give more time for peeps to get their entries in :)

Makeup organisation..

Up until recently I have been storing my makeup in those drawer towers thet you see everyone using on youtube makeup collection vids. The problem I have found with this method is that opening drawers (where you have a limited view of it's contents anyway so you are forever rummaging aroung trying to find what you want) slows things down. You lose valuable minutes when trying to get ready quickly and often makeup gets losts at the back or out of view and therefore never gets used.
So Iwent into my nearest T.K Maxx and found these great storage organizers. Each compartment fits a decent amnount of products and there fore seperates things for easy organisation and to find things easier. But also you can see everything. Often I see things I had forgotten about and think 'oh I'll use that'.
This is the tip of the iceburg in terms of my collection. But it's the makeup I am currently using the most. Wintermakeup is stashed away in the drawers. This little lot is readily accessable making morning readiness go much more smoothly. Best of all, the organisation tray was onlt £6!

Monday, 24 May 2010

birthday wishlist.....

I'm going to be 24 on the 5th of June!! I'm actually quite excited for once! So I've compiled this little menagerie of beautiful things I've been lusting after in the vain hopes that something from it might actually appear wrapped in shiney paper on that fine morning...

Outfit of the day

It was yet another beautiful scorcher of a day today (four in a row) Hurrah! At last some of my summer dresses that have until thus far remained in the wardrobe complete with tags unremoved have seen the light of day. And what beautiful light it is! Thankfully todays edition I managed to wear sans tags unlike yesterday when I shamefull managed to forget to cut it off! (oh the humilliation!) It wouldn't have been so bad except it had a great big, red SALE lable on it that read 'WAS; £60 NOW: £9!!! So everyone who walked behind me that day now knows what a cheap skate I am!!

Sunday, 23 May 2010

BOOTS Natural Collection Lipsticks.

Sorry for the rubbushy photo guys. But left to right are; Sandcastle, Apple Blossom, Rose Petal and Lotus. All strikingly similar Nudey pinks, but different enough (and cheap enough) to justify getting all four!
2 of them are moisture shines and 2 are sheer naturals. And they are only £1.99 from BOOTS. You can forgive the rather shoddy packaging when you consider that you get a colour pay off and a formula consistant with anything from GOSH (where you pay £6-£8 for a single lippy and you get all four for £8) I seriously love these and they are my proudest beauty find of 2010. Credit crunch-credit shmunch!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

I Love lipstick...

...Apparantly I am part of a dying breed. According to statistics (where do they get those from anyway?), the average woman has 17 lipglosses for every lipstick she has. 1 lipgloss is sold every 6 seconds in the UK as opposed to lipstick (1 every 2 minutes!). For me the Idea of twisting my lippy up the tube and smearing it on whilst looking into my little compact is the epitome of 'Grown-up Womanly-ness' (Yes that is a word!) I'm sure nearly every girl pretended to do that at some stage... which brings me to this;
The Estee lauder lucidity compact.

This is the true reason I own a really posh expensice lipstick (the YSL rouge volupte) so I can whip this little beauty out and touch up my lippy while gazing into it... (for real!!!)
This was the first thing I bought wh I started getting into 'proper' makeup. My first true investment. And I will carry it with pride and delight. I feel like such a lady when I use it and dab on a bit of red.

Farewell B!

Some of my most treasured makeup items have been from B never too busy to be beautiful. LUSH's sister company that does natural, fairtrade and vegan makeup in these examples of exsquisitley designed packaging. These are a few of the items I am fortunate enough to own. Sadly B had closed it's doors for the last time and LUSH are rumoured to pick up a very small, very select line up from B's most successful range.
The makeup was a tad on the expensive side (think somewhere between The BodyShop and MAC and you won't be far off price wise) Maybe this combined with the fact that since everything was natural and hand made it had rather short expirey dates where thinks would quite literallygo off and go mouldy (!) was ultimatley it's downfall?
Personally I felt more justified buying from B than from more reputable companies from the Estee Lauder Group such as MAC, Clinique, Bobbi Brown or Ahem, Estee lauder (DUH!)
I didn't mind parting with the extra penolas because not only did I get to proudly display the beautiful bottles on my dressing table but I got to keep (and re-use) them when they were empty. I also felt like my shallow purchases were slightly more ethical seeing as it was benefiting others in developing countries (providing Jobs and giving a fair wage etc) and being vegan and non animal tested....let's not forget the beautiful packaging...did I mention the beautiful packaging?
There is not a makeup company out there that comes anywhere close to filling the rather mighty shoes B has left empty with it's premature demise.
It is with a heavy heart that I use the last of my products knowing they cannot be replaced. I will get some consolation from re-filling the empties with products that originally came in less desirable packaging. (Boots Natural Collection anyone?).
B, You had a good run while it lasted. Farewell my Beautiful friend. You will be sorely missed.....

Friday, 21 May 2010

.....life before Blogger.....

This is the Notebook I spoke of before when I said I've been carrying around my trusty notebook. I pour everything into it. And it is now full. Plus I can't sahre the things in it with everyone. It's still a baeutiful thing to have. And when it's finished I will without doubt be replacing it with another beautiful notebook. I love sketching things in it. many a time have I created my own ideal makeup range in here. That Pen is from Past Times and if I sit in the window it actches the sunlight and shines little dots of light around the room like a disco ball!! Does anyone else have a notebook they can't bare to be parted from? What kinds of things do you write in it?

Just look at these....

.....BEAUTIFUL earrings!!

The first pair were a smidge at £2 from little old GEORGE at ASDA. I do love doves (or are they supposed to be swallows?) hmmm... never can tell! Well, they're Birds anyway! And they compliment the floral trend really well.
I think the second pair are my favourite though. These beauties are about £4 from New Look and they're BUTTONS!!! HOW cute??!??? They look quite quirky cool when they're on! they look really nice with a Blazer and maybe a sheer lace vest layered over a nude vest top worn with jeggings and shoe boots....?
Just thought I'd share my little find with you... :D xx

Thursday, 20 May 2010

100 subscriber contest on youtube

I've got a youtube channel and I've almost reached 100 lovely subbies!! I still can't believe I made it past 10! It's crazy! But I'm so grateful I really want to give somthing back. I'm going to be holding a little contest on my channel. You must be a subscriber to enter, but that's about it. As I'm still fairly new at this I don't have the luxury of being sponsored or sent free things, so any prize I give will be purchased with my own cash 9which I don't have a lot of) So I really want to make sure I get somthing people are going to want and use and isn't going to get lost and forgotten in the bottom of a drawer somewhere!
If anyone has any ideas/suggestions for a prize please let me know. I want it to be makeup/beauty related and as I said I don't have a lot of money but that's my only stipulation.
Comments below please!!!

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Outfit of the day.. Featuring H&M and Dotty P

Black studded ballet flats- H&M
Embellished shoulder Top -H&M
Black Jean material Jeggings- Dorothy Perkins

Saturday, 8 May 2010

YSL lipstick/gloss collection

I LOVE YSL PACKAGING!!!! OMG... LUST-O-RAMA!! It is divine!!!!! Shame about the hefty price tag! Thankfully I paid less than £5 on all but the first one, rouge volupte in shade number 1. That's the beauty of living near a beauty clearence outlet! I also love the ingenious packaging of the Rouge pure shine. Very clever indeed. Be warned that these are EXTRELEY sheer mind. perhaps don't go for a nude in this formuls, maybe try a bold colour that you'd other-wise be afraid of in this type. Me-I'm never afraid of a colour, lips, eyes or otherwise. Anything can be made tastefull with a bit of control and a 'less-is-more' attitude.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Benefit Rush Hour Review

I have to admit, I was initially seduced by the beautiful packaging on this baby but I have always favoured the 2in1 lip/cheek product concept. Anything that can downsize the amount of stuff I have to tote around in my 'mum-bag' is a bonus. I love the eyeko fatbalms, versitile and travel friendly with cute packaging-and the Benefit rush hour looked to bed a similar thing. However, unlike the eyeko fat balms this didn't cost a mere £5, oh no! More like a whopping £17.50!! OMG! So Needless to say I was expecting a fair bit more then cute packaging for my money.
Did it deliver? hmmmm... Hard to say.. which I suppose really means,; NOT REALLY. Once again benefits lack of shades choice has reduced them to their 'one shade suits most' category and unforunatley this leaves me outside of that bracket. On my cheeks the colour was passable but on my lips-Urgh! I've basically ended up with a cream blush stick......FOR £17.50! And there was so little product. I've barely used this thing and there's hardly any left! Not a winner for me on that one! It's a little, well dark, to just slick on anytime for any occasion for instant beautification! It's formulation a little too creamy, (you could seriously use this up just by swatching it a few times!) and IMO, if you are going to create a lip and blush duo in one type thing in only one shade, wouldn't it be better to pick a shade that is more traditional, more universally recognised as flattering? I can't be the only pale lovely out there so why don't benefit cater for those who aren't tanned to dark? meh! Ah well, I've learned my lesson with Benefit and their 'Universal' shades. After the some kinda gorgeous catastrophe I don't think I'll ever buy anything that doesn't have at least 2 shades to choose from and not all in the 'dark' end of the scale either!


Points are allocated for packaging and concept and potential to work for someone darker skinned than me.
But seeing as it didn't work for me, or in order to get it to work I either need to cook my skin, or spend a fortune on expensive tanning products, I couldn't really give it higher than a 5.
It also fell down on cost to product amount ratio.

Would I recommend this? Not to any one below an NC/NW 30 in mac at least! And possibly not to anyone under 30 years as well! Seems this should be re-named 'Rush Hour 30'

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Dupe for NARS Orgasm Blusher

I have known of the existance of the Bodyshop Dupe for nars Orgasm Blush for a few years. The colour, Golden pink, is an exact rip off of the cult product But at £8.50 it's still expensive. I was satisfied with this as an alternative as it's less than half the £19.50 that Nars expects you to pay. It's still a tad on the expensive side though for those who want to experience the colour but aren't toting around a wallet the size of their T.V to carry all their wadds of cash in. However, I then discovered this collection 200 thousand beauty. When I saw it I squealed 'this is a perfect dupe for the bodyshop blusher!!' without realising the reality of what I was saying. It is of course, also a dupe for Nars orgasm. It is in the shade 'so pretty' and at £2.99 it's a snip of even the Bodyshop one. It also has a sute floral design etched into it's surface. What's not to love? The Bodyshop have obviously spent a bit more on the packaging. The one I have pictured is a few years old. The packaging is more MAC-esque now But if it's performance you're after (which we are all supposed to be really) then you can't go wrong with collection 2000. Or if you want to be seduced by delicious packaging and you have a spare £19.50 knocking around, why not go ahead and treat yourself to the NARS original?

Links below to all products mentioned;

The Body Shop Blusher in Golden Pink;

The NARS Blush in Orgasm;

The Collection 2000 Blusher in So Pretty;

Whichever of these 3 you decide to go with, Your cheeks will thank you for it! :) xoxoxo

Monday, 3 May 2010

Favourite MAC lipsticks!

left to right; Patisserie, Creme d'nude and See sheer.

Patisserie is a neutral pinky beige. The kind of colour that you wish your lips were naturally. So you can wear this with a neutral look for a smart work meeting, with a smokey eye without making the lips fight and compete for attention or you can slick it on with a smudge of whatever on the eyes and bed hair for a casual non try hard look for when you're in a hurry. A staple!

Creme d'nude is quite possibly MAC's greatest Nude triumph! Some nudes are too pink (HUE) some, too peachy others too 'flat' or chalky. This one has the perfect balance of pale and interesting without making me look like my heart has stopped beating.

See sheer is the perfect apricoty-coraly-tawny colour for summer radience. It perfectly compliments any peachy/coraly blusher.

I would have included Ruby Woo as an example of a perfect matt red lippy but i honestly think the revlon Matt lipstick in 'really red' is better.

though shalt not worship thy posessions...

Here are some of my favourite things of the moment
Left to right; GOSH nail Polishes in Rainbow and Milky Way, Accessorize resin floral bangle, Stella McCartney EDT Stella Nude, and Celia Burtwell rose compact mirror. The Nail polishes are just the right kind of different from all the pastels that are boring up the fashion world at present. I Love that perfume day or night, autumn or winter and when the bottle is empty I will continue to proudly display it's elegant beauty amidst my collection. The bangle I will love (as I have done before) long after the floral trend is gone and forgotten. And just love a bit of quirkiness which is exactly why I love that compact mirrir. It beats plain and boring anyday! :) LOVAGE!

Eyeko Fat Balms

I have had these in my collection for about 2 years now and they're one of those products that I use up and repurchase. The minty and the strawberry are both number 2 and the raspberry is the first one still hanging on in there. I love them so much. Especially in the summer months when I like everything to have a glossy finish. They are well pigmented. Beautifully scented and the packaging is adorable! Who doesn't like pulling that out of their handbag?

Eyeko fart balms in Minty, Strawberry and Raspberry

Sunday, 2 May 2010

A sample selection...of my Dazzle Dusts

Here is a small selection of my barry M Dazzle Dust selection. I only have the numbers but i will source the names for you and update this post when I have them. But I have grouped them into eye colours. So the golds and bronzes at the top suit blue eyes. The purples in the middle suit green/grey eyes and the blues and greens at the bottom suit brown/hazel eyes.
There's somthing for everyone!
I will do a proper review later cuz right now I'm busting for a wee and my boyfriend's in the loo! arrrgh! Why o why did i drink 4 cups of tea in the last hour? xoxoxo

Chanel Rouge Noir dupe

Remember Chanel's Cult Nail colour 'Rouge Noir'? Thought so! Well then you must also remember how much lighter your wallet fely after purchacing it hmmm? Well ladies, I have found the answer for you. W7 have the perfect dupe. Think OPI linkin park after dark. (but again without the hefty price tag). I have tried oh so many brands in search of the perfect dupe. Especially as this is my fave nail colour OF ALL TIME. I stock up on it wherever I find it in it's many forms and brands. I have versions in Jessica, Rimmel, GOSH, Colourworks, W7, Nails Ink, Nubar, OPI, Boots 17, Bourjois, MeMeMe (and many more). And the best dupe, colour and consistency wise is this one from w7. None of the others matched up to how shiney my beloved (but now extinct) bottle of Chanel's original master-polish was. Having said that, Chanel didn't impress me all that much in the nail varnish stakes... it chipped....badly. On the longevity front, I'll take Barry M nail paint anyday.

H&M Nude and Studded Sonia Rykiel (I wish!)

My current clothing pbsession is this nude, embellished shouldered H&M beauty of a top. Okay, so it's a bit creased in the photo but that only stands as testiment that I'm constantly wearing it. I love to toughen it up with my studded sonia rykiel rip off leather purse. I also have a Balenciaga rip off bag from NEXT that goes perfectly. I Love love love the trends this season. And I am sporting many of them with pleasure. All apart from 'sport lux' that is. I remember they tried to fob us off with that one last year. Sorry mr. Designer, but i think I'll be leaving the trackie bottoms to the chavs. i'll be sticking with myflorals, lace, nude and studs thankyou very much!

Barry M Lip paint. it's a bit magick!!

Old Bazzer M has of course created the cult favourite 101 nude lipstick which, any makeup devotee who takes herself seriously will own. But that's not the lip paint I want to talk about. No.... it's the rather scary looking green one. Don't be put off by it's misleading colour. It actually turns a bright fucia pink. Which is superior to any of its brethren in the Hot pink colour family also created by Barry M due to its consistancy and lip-staining abilities.
Once on, this stains lips a gorgeous fucia shade for hours and HOURS. Not even kidding. What's more it's silky feel is far preferable to the likes of the 101's chalky, heavy, cakey feel.
So ladies, as they say, never judge a book (or a lipstick) by it's cover (colour) ;)

It's called the magick lipstick. Rush out and Buy one. definitley a must for any lipstick wardrobe.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Review; BodyShop Warming mineral mask

Can I say enough good things about this product? NO! I love everything about it. I have tried so called 'warming' masks and scrubs in the past and been left bitterly disappointed. The 'warmth' amounts to a mere 1/2 second of 'ooh was that somthing?' then it's gone no sonner than it had arrived. But THIS is somthing different. It gets HOT. Well, not burn yourself hot, but borderline uncomfortable hot. And it lasts for more than 1/2 a second. About 15 seconds to be exact. For anyone who's not familliar with these type of products, that's a LONG time.
So you wet your skin first (V. Important step; you won't get the heat sensation without it.) Then apply a pea sized ammount to forehead, a pea size on each cheek, then divide a pea size amount between nose and chin. Don't put it on the delicate skin around the eyes (they won't need this kind of deep cleansing anyway). You will immediatley feel the warmth, then rub it over your skin to get the HEAT.
The heat makes your pores enlarge allowing the mark to penetrate deep down for a really good clean out. rinse off THOROUGHLY (otherwise it will look like you have black heads when the dark green product is left vehind and who wants that?). Then last VITAL step; give your face one final rinse with COLD water. about as cold as you can stand. This will 'close' pores, preventing any bacteria or dirt from clogging them up again.
I love the texture, soothing feel and action of this product. BIG THUMBS UP for bodyshop yet again.
They may be a tad pricey, but you get what you pay for.


Review; Barry M Natural Dazzle compact

For some time now I have had the Barry M Natural Dazzle Compact in my collection. For the large part it has remained un-used as I am so pale, it was unsuitable for me to use as a contour without it being obvious. I have dry sking and so prefer to use a cream bronzer for bronzing up my complexion and i have been using the Benefit somekinda gorgeous to do that. (I know I know, It's supposed to be a foundation. Further proof that I am so pale!)
However, Just lately I have been using a different moisturiser than normal before I go to bed and in the morning I apply 2 layers of my ususl day cream. (I will do a seperate review on these products later). My Skin had more then thanked me for it. I first started my new routine after exfoliating. (over a week ago) and I've not needed to exfoliate since. By now I would have needed to exfoliate at least another 4 times (AT LEAST!!).
So I have been able to get away with using more of my powder products and have come back to this all time fave. I apply it using a NARS bronzer brush andit's the perfect combo.
I am still too pale to use it as a contour, but I have been lightly dusting it across my cheeks, forhead, chin and nose (remembering to connect it down my neck) to give an all over glow. And I can honestly say I LOVE THIS! For some one so pale with dry skin to love something 'universal' (which usually means too dark) and powdery, is a fair achievement to say the least!
But it just looks so natural. I love that it's matt. If I want a bronze tan effect to look natural, I don't want shimmer ALL over my entire face. I may apply a second shimmery product JUST across my cheeks but NO WHERE ELSE. other wise it just looks WRONG!
Anyhoo, I love the NARS-esque packaging. I love the staying power. I just really rate this product. And if I can pull it off, anyone can!
Who needs Laguna anyway?


Barry M- You've done it again! <3

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