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I am a full- time mum of 2 under 4year olds! I have a 'little' obsession with makeup. I don't even have to wear it. I just like having it!


I'm a twenty somthing with a 'mild' obsession with makeup and clothes. Here you will be able to see my attempts to organise the Chaos of my erratic mind and condense it's contents onto these virtual pages of LUST LISTS....

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Outfit of the day.. Featuring H&M and Dotty P

Black studded ballet flats- H&M
Embellished shoulder Top -H&M
Black Jean material Jeggings- Dorothy Perkins

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  1. Whoops! I merely attempted to edit the lable and somehow managed to re-post this as today! My lack of blogging skills laid bare for all to see.......ah well! There are worse things! ;)


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