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Sunday, 2 May 2010

Chanel Rouge Noir dupe

Remember Chanel's Cult Nail colour 'Rouge Noir'? Thought so! Well then you must also remember how much lighter your wallet fely after purchacing it hmmm? Well ladies, I have found the answer for you. W7 have the perfect dupe. Think OPI linkin park after dark. (but again without the hefty price tag). I have tried oh so many brands in search of the perfect dupe. Especially as this is my fave nail colour OF ALL TIME. I stock up on it wherever I find it in it's many forms and brands. I have versions in Jessica, Rimmel, GOSH, Colourworks, W7, Nails Ink, Nubar, OPI, Boots 17, Bourjois, MeMeMe (and many more). And the best dupe, colour and consistency wise is this one from w7. None of the others matched up to how shiney my beloved (but now extinct) bottle of Chanel's original master-polish was. Having said that, Chanel didn't impress me all that much in the nail varnish stakes... it chipped....badly. On the longevity front, I'll take Barry M nail paint anyday.

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  1. Hi I would like to find a good dupe for this polish for my blog would you mind telling me the colour? I will be sure to mention where I heard it.



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