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I'm a twenty somthing with a 'mild' obsession with makeup and clothes. Here you will be able to see my attempts to organise the Chaos of my erratic mind and condense it's contents onto these virtual pages of LUST LISTS....

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

third task; Favourite Telly programme

Well this one can be a bit tricky as I don't really watch much telly. It's mostly hogged by the boys in this house. My boys like cartoon network and the boyf favours the old playstation so when I can get a look in edgeways it's a different day of the week each time so I never really get to follow one show. I most often try to catch CSi, ghost whisperer, medium.... that sorta thing.. Anything supernaturally/mystery/crime solving and it's a recipe for success with me! I suppose I'd have to go with medium as it's a cross between ghost whisperer and CSI (Vegas all the way... New york is a bit blah sometimes, character-wise and MIAMI?...Purlease! Horacio?? don't make me laugh with your side head tilt-remove sunglasses to deliver cheesy one liners...and then cue replace sunglasses and walk away...*shudder*)

So I'm gonna go with....


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