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Sunday, 22 August 2010

A piccy that makes me Happy; I'm cheating here again too!

WARNING; VERY photo heavy blog post! ; VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY (you have been warned!)

I was looking through my pics to find ONE that could some up happiness for me and guess what? it turns out I'm a very lucky lady. ALL OF THEM gave me the hugest grin on my face. I thought I'd share a selection with you all... this is what makes me apreciate my life so much; FAMILY and FRIENDS;

First up we have yesterday's trip to the adventure play and softland we took the boys to. Huey's been before but it was Izaac's first time and he LOVED it sooo much. He's just started walking so it was lovely to see him toddling around. And all the padding meant it didn't hurt when he fell over!
Then we have me and the bestie at my 24th birthday (June this year) It was lovely to see her. As with most of my friends, these days I don't see her anywhere near enough!
Again, taken at my birthday BBQ These are my 3 favourite non family members. My little cousin who is my surrogate little sister. She basically is my lil' sis except that her mum is my mums lil' sis.... (ok FAIL) then Joe... he's been a best mate since we met on the school coach to Alton Towers when I was in year 9 haha! and then of course the bestie mate ;)
Ahhhhhh, my lovely gorgeous little sis *cough cousin cough* There's no-one quite like her. I love her into lots of little pieces!! :D she make me very happy

This pic is of my eldest Huey (now 4) when he was only about 7 months! and My gorgeous boyf. I just love how stumpy Huey looks it makes me want to squish him! Anyone else have a problem with needing to squish cute things?
This next one was at a family gathering and it was the first family shot of us taken without some crazy fluke accident making the picture come out badly like a ball randomnly hitting me on the head or a leaf blowing in front of the lens as the shutter goes down!

This is me with my sister in law at new year, a couple of years back. It was fancy dress and we wanted to go as somthing original, so we went as colours!

This was my parents babysitting for me and my boyf to have a night out around the time of my 22nd birthday. We went for a quiet drink and a game of pool as I was having a joint party whith the boyf's little bro who's bday is also in June and we were hiring a club. I was putting my heels on before heading out.

chillin in the garden this may. The first day that actually felt like summer for almost 3 years!

This was a night out many years ago (about 6) I'm in the back ground holding hands with my friend Joe. The boyf is wearing white t-shirt in the bottom left hand corner, and the bestie mate is in bottom right chatting to a lad I went to school with.....

And here is me with the same bestie mate from april earlier this year on another more recent night out;

This was my mum with Huey when he was only a couple of months old. She's glowing. Like a really happy/proud grandmother. I love this photo so much!

This is me on holliday the first holliday we had after having Huey (Izaac wasn't born or even conceived yet) Me and the Boyf went off for a romantic stroll along the beach. It was such a beautiful place:

This was the boyf after having climbed a rock. Doing his joke triumphant pose ;) I probably really shouldn't fancy him here when he's pratting about like that....but i do.......

Boys will be boys.... here he is again in another rock climbing escapade...just a little one this time though. This photo makes me happy because even after nearly 9 years together I still fancy the pants off him! ;)
This is my GORGEOUS little neice indica playing big sis to Huey when He was a baby. She was so amazing with him there was no jealousy at all. She's the boyf's older sisters little girl and she looks so like him people think she's his when we take her out!

This was the first time Huey went to a beach and touched sand! Shame the weather wasn't great that day but it still makes me smile. The adventure was all over his mischivous little face! Look at him dipping his little toe!

Huey when he was a tiny baby; He used to fall asleep ANYWHERE! :) so cute! *squish!

Here he is pretending to read the back of a playstation game case aged about 8 months. look at that naff old tv and tv unit in the background. We'd just moved into our house and money was tight, This piccy reminds me how far we've come. Haha-check out how big his Daddy's shoes are compared to him!!!

This piccy makes me laugh. Again Huey when he was much stumpier! He was actually leaning so far back he was almost level with the ground but the camera's at an angle so you can't tell very well. This photo reminds me of the trust he has in me not to let him fall! :)

This pic was taken on the train on the way home from visiting the REAL THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE. Huey loved it. He was giving his favourite toy teletubby PO a hug on the way home. All I can say is this piccy makes me go wobbly with 'awwwwww' he's just so lush. we're so lucky to have him! :D

This was the boyf's face minutes after Huey was born. Taken in the delivery room shortly after daddy clapped eyes on his baby for the first time. He looks the typical proud father.It makes me almost cry! He hadn't shaved for a couple of weeks cuz I'd been staying in hospital with pre-eclampsia and he had been spending all his time in the hospital with me and hardly been home long enough to shave!

wind forward about 3 years and we have baby number 2! Okay I know I look rough as hell here but give me some slack people, I had given birth only an hour before this was taken! My mum was watching Huey along with my brother when Izaac was being born and she brought huey to the delivery room to meet his little brother for the first time. This is the very First time Huey met izaac and they've been inseperable ever since. This was the day my family became complete!

Huey loves being outside. This was a day I took the boys on a coach trip out to a family fun event. He was having so much fun. at the end of the day he said; 'mummy my cheeks hurt.' I said 'oh dear, what's wrong? did you bite them by accident?' he said 'no, i fink it's fwom smiling too much all the times!'

This is the first time Huey held a bunny. This was at an animal mania event and he loved it. He was so gentle with it. He said 'look mummy this is how you hold a baby' I was a very proud mummy that day! :)

This is a recent pic of my mum with the boys. we were all flustered because we'd been dancing around the living room. The dots on faces were stickers which meant you were 'allowed' to dance!

This photo makes me feel like I want to curl up inside it. Izaac adores his big brother and Huey adores him right back! Here Izaac is going in for a kiss and Huey is more than happy to oblige! They are so close. we couldn't ask for the boys to have a better relationship!

Having a sweeet treat after a hard days play! They look so alike! If anyone had told me 5 years ago I'd have these two amazingly gorgeous little rascals I'd never have believed them.

Huey having fun in the sandpit that visited our city park this summer! He looks so like his Daddy. I look at my boyfriend every day and think 'I'm so glad your the father of my children' this photo just reminds me of that fact! Both my boys have their Daddy's gorgeous blue eyes!

This is me with izaac the first day he ever touched sand! He LOVED it!! He was squeeling so much all the old dears were stopping to have a coo at him!

Again me with the boys at the park. This was the day Izaac took his first few wobbly steps on his own! I felt like a mother of 2 not a mother of one boy and a baby... know what I mean? I like this photo because it was a great day. Huey was knackered from all the rides at the fair and I look like a mum. I don't normally see it in myself. I always think because I look so young that people are judging me as a scummy mummy or somthing but here I look like a proper mum whilst still retaining the essence of me! Am I even making any sense any more?

Huey learning to ride his bike! We tried the whole taking one stabeliser off thing! tee hee!

Ahhh... I LOVE this photo. Me and the boyf have been fans of the band REEF for a LOOOOOONNNNGGG time! they reformed earlier this year and we were lucky enough to get VIP tickets and meet them! It was such a laugh!

This is my boyf with izaac. I love it! Daddy with his boy! he's such a great Dad! He's amazing. I wish I'd had a Dad like him when I was little. :)

Here Is Huey with his baby bro the next day in hospital. Izaac had to be transferred to the children's ward where he stayed on and off for the next few weeks. For a while we thought we were going to loose him. He had a rare and complex blood disorder and they were concerned he would bleed into his brain. It was such a devestating time and I was seperated from Huey for a lot of it because I had to stay in hospital with izaac as I was breast feeding. I don't know how we coped! Well I do. With a LOT of support from my mum who was brilliant! Thank god Izaac is fine now. We are so lucky and greatful to have him. This photo was taken after we received the bad news but I Like it because it reminds me of how lucky we were that we got to take our baby home after all we went through, when so many parents don't.

Huey's first sparkler!Just look at his chuffed little face. it lit up both literally and figuratively. 'nuff said.
This was a few years ago. that's me with the blue hair. I'm with my sis in law and another friend. i miss having my hair other colours :( but that's not why I like this photo.. It reminds me of the good times we had when we were really close. We don't see enough of eachother these days. She got a job and a serious boyfriend and became an adult and now life gets a bit hectic. I suppose we all have to grow up sometime...

This is me with the little sister and brother in law recreating a Harry potter film poster; Such a laugh and not a bad attempt. We were at our neices 1st birthday party. we were using cocktail sticks for wands ha! see if you can guess who's who....?

This was taken aproximatley 2-3years before Huey was born. I was about 18 . That's the boyf on the top stair, his sis below. below left of her is their bro, next to him one of the boyf's best mates and bassist in his band. Then me and the sis in laws mate.(L-R)standing on the bottom step is The Boyf's half bro and sitting on bottom step next to him is his mate. Standing to the right of the stairs is the boyf's best mate, drummer and brother of the bassist. Did you get all that? Oh yeah... and apart from 2, (the half bro and his mate at the bottom) we all went to school together. That's why I like it. They've always felt like my family :)

And ho and beload as my old science prefessor from year 12 physics used to say; we have reached the end. Sorry to go a bit over-kill on that one. I just honestly couldn't leave out any of those pics x

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