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Friday, 20 August 2010

Favourite quote (s) okay I cheated a little........ (a lot)

Lady Astor to winston Churchill; 'Sir if you were my husband I would poison your drink.'
Winston Chirchill's retort; 'Madam, If you were my wife I would drink it.'
Such an eloquent era, where the 'yo mama...'s were witty and dignified!

Then there's the poem in Tank Girl; 'Laugh you piece of Dental Floss you burn me toast..' That is but one line but it sums up the poem quite well... I laughed till I needed to wee!

Then of course if you're struggling to find somthing to say you can always fall back on a well educated, enlightening and thought provoking modern classic.... who the hell am I kidding? It's got to be GHOST BUSTERS

Peter to Eagon; 'Remember the time you tried to drill a hole through your head?'
Eagon to Peter; 'That would've worked if you hadn't stopped me.'

Worst Quote;
My boyfriend keeps playing Pro Evolution 2009 on Ps2 (yes, we're still old school PS3s do cost a lot of penolas you know!) It has a rather small selection of tracks on it that loop around on rotation. Nedless to say with the amount of time he spends playing it I have grown to either really love or really hate (mostly hate) some of the tracks by now. One in particuar is a random band (who I have no idea of the name of as they aren't credited) who have the most obnoxious line in one of their songs...... it goes like this; 'you're smiling too loud..'
That's it. That's the line. But I hate it so much I want to burn the Game Disc. I bet they thought they were being really poetically clever when they wrote that... eaurgh! it's disgusting! (a bit strong?)


  1. heyy i just tagged you in my recent post if you fancied doing it :) xxx


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