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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

A sad day...

May I have a moment of your attention please. It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of a dear friend; well, a product really, but it was rapidly becoming my favourite lip product OF ALL TIME!

I am a lady or variety. And I am fortunate to have in my posession no less that 63 lipsticks and 17 lipglosses and about 12 other (lip pencils and the like) this doesn't even count tinted lip balms...and the collection is still growing. My love affair with all products lippy stems from my lack of actually lip mass and my need to draw more attention to the area as the afore mentioned lips fail to do this task on their own. So as you can imagine I wear a different product on my lips nearly everyday, according to my mood or style phase. But over the last couple of months the ONLY thing I found myself reaching for time and time again is the BODY SHOP lip click. I bout it on a whim for £1 in the sale thinking, 'I don't much like the look of this but for a quid I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.' Glad I did because I fell in love.

Sadly last wednesday I took the boys on a coach trip to a family fun filled day in a park with bouncy casltes and donkeys and face painting and other such treats (where it rained like Noah would need to bring his Arc back out of the BIG Yellow Storage). This was all good fun. BUT unfortunatley I took my lip click with me in case I needed re-touching (somthing I never do!!-EVER!!!) and I remember thinking as I felt it in my jeans back pocket (silly silly place!!) that I needed-to-move-it-somewhere-safer-because-I-could-invisage-it-falling-out-without-me-noticing-and-then-I'd-lose-it-which-is-somthing-I-really-don't-wanna-do-and....(deep breath) YOU guessed it... that's EXACTLY what I did! :(

I went into the body shop on saturday to ask if they had any more in storage lurking out the back somewhere and the manager told me she had boxes upon boxes with unlabled contents that she wouldn't know where to begin looking and my best bet was to wait until after xmas when they MIGHT bring out surplus stock. Check out the key word in that sentence. MIGHT.


I do have my mothers determined (some might say stubborn) gene so I won't be giving up... (sad I know)... but for now.

R.I.P January 2010-August 2010
You were only half way trough your life. Our time together was cut short. But hopefully you are now in a better place. (not likely, I just hope the 8 year old that found you treats you with the respect and dignity you deserve) Or at least the park caretaker didn't throw you in the bin too forcefully....

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