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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A photo that makes me sad/angry!

In my opinion, Animal testing for the sake of medical advancement is a neccessary, if highly unpleasant, sacrifice. They can't verywell test out a cancer cavvine on a human if there's a chance of them contracting the deadly disease- afterall they can't put a human down if they do can they?
(I do apreciate there are those who will strongly disagree with my views on this matter, we are all different afterall and that's what makes this world such an interesting and vibrant place to live.
You are all welcome to state you views However, if you choose to do so, please be respectful of others opinions. Don't argue and try to change others, there isn't only one 'correct' view and no-one likes to be told their view is wrong to please bear this in mind and we can all have a happy place to exchange ideas and p[ossibly even learn somthing. The one thing I can't stand is intollerence! So please be open minded.)
HOWEVER, Animal testing for the sake of cosmetic research, such as above...... is just plain CRUELTY!
As Beauty consumers, we are nearly all guilty of feeding the machine that indulges in such dark offences... Who here shops at the body shop? Animal friendly? maybe... maybe not! They were bought out by none other than L'Oreal as many of you will know. L'oreal is one of the leading brands in animal testing.... The Bodyshop has remained adamant that it's no animal testing ethos still remains in tact, but are they using a loop-hole to legally claim half truths? who knows! For the record I am not judging. I hang my head as one of those consumers. I still shop at TBS, and L'Oreal for that matter! And many many more who I am sure are responsible for some of the cruelties associated with animal testing for cosmetic research. I know I shouldn't shop at these places, but then when you do your research, you soon discover that if you were to boycot ALL the brands that contribute to animal testing, you would be left with hardly anywhere to shop for your daily necessities. even for things like toothpaste! And most of the brands that are cruelty free are really expensive which is fine for the odd treat.... but imagine if ALL yournecessities were purchased from these brands? Your bill would be more than your income....
Unfortunatley the sad fact remains that for the average Joe/Jill like you or I, Cruelty free shopping for everything, is just financially not achievable..... So I resign myself to the not so necessities such as makeup indulgencies, the extravagant investment buy as it were, being bought from said cruelty free brands.... and hope to god that some day soon, governments will instill a cruelty free policy across all major brands..... well, I can hope can't I?


  1. It's just discusting that anyone could ever inflict that sort of pain on a poor defenceless animal. It makes me SO angry :-/

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  3. I know Christina, It makes me angry too! :|


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