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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Challenge number two; Favie movie (film, I am gay old britania you know...!)

Da da dada.... FIGHT CLUB! This film is; Phenominal do do doodoo do. Phenominal do do doodoo.
I realise that technically I 'should' have done this yesterday but I was glassy eyed from over tiredness and suffering the dreaded period pains *hello my old friend how have you been*.....Periods have been anything but friendly since I has Izaac (my second child)...but you didn't need to know that did you...then again where else are you going to hear it? No body told me child bearing changed your periods before I went through the process... it's kind of an 'oh yeah and did you know that....' added on at the end when it's already too late to reconsider. Still, it's a price I'd pay time and again to have my two scrumptious little tots who are in bedfordshire right now, probably dreaming of all the damage they can do to the house come tomorrow :) It's amazing how much a pile of bricks can sustain really...er, what was this post about again?-OFF TANGENT? ME!??you'd never believe it ;)
Ed Norton's Acting in this is sublime. And Brad Pitt is well, Brad Pitt. I never really rated him in the acting or the looks department but there you go, different people and all that.... He does seem to pull off the cocky happy go luck mishap and mayhem character quite well though.... And if you believe what you read in the tabloids, it may not have been credit due to his acting talents....
DISCLAIMER: I do not own the image, I borrowed it from google images.

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