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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Shockwaves Go Matt Clay and Hair Of The Day (HOTD)

Recently whilst doing the family shop in Asda, I strolled into the haircare/toiletries isle to replace my empty Vo5 matt clay when I noticed that shockwaves had an offer on! Making their version a whopping £2 cheaper. As I was already panicking about the subtotal of the contents of our trolley (I mentally add up as we go along to try and stay on budget).
usually when I find somthing I like and that works for me, I'm quite reluctant to stray from it. But I couldn't argue with the price so in the trolley it went!

What can I say? I Love this stuff! it turns a boring flat hair day into a wow sexy swishy hairday! It's amazing. Just a bit of this on fingertips twizzled through the ends of the hair and voila! Instant hair do, little or no styling required! What's not to love?
When I woke up this morning, my hair had no shape, no texture, no mojo! You couldn't even tell I have layers! About 45seconds is all it took to work some of this baby through the ends and this is the result;

I decided that my side parting was a little too boring as well so I flipped some hair over from the other side to grunge it up a bit;

I think you'll agree this is a little pot of magic. thankyou shockwaves, you hae banished boring hairdays for good! =)
Shockwaves products are available from Boots, Superdrug, tesco, Asda (most if not all supermarkets) I even found some of their products (a very limited range mind) in Lidl!! It's so affordable and you get a good quantity. But most of all it works!
I love my mark hill products from Boots, But I think shockwaves are the best drugstore hair care! I'll be coming back for more :)

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