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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Florals for Spring; Fashion Follower or Victim?

Here's the thing; florals are everywhere. This is a good thing because personally, I love florals. Not just for spring either. Florals are the epitome of femininity. I have always ensured I have floral clothing in my wardrobe through out the year. For me it is a staple. I have amassed so much floral fabric amongst my clothing that, if sewn together, it could probably resurface a football pitch.

So what's the problem then? Florals are EVERYWHERE. Which means that once you step outside your front door, it's like a floral assault on your eyes. Every woman (even some men), whether she gives the slightest hoot about fashion or not, is wearing a floral fabric of some nature (no pun intended).

The burning question? Am I a Fashion Victim or Follower?

I'm the sort of person who kids herself into believing that she is an individual when it comes to style and fashion. A Fashion follower; I wear the things I like. I don't wear the things I don't like. And I dress to suit my body. So if a certain trend or fashion is somthing I don't like or doesn't suit me, I won't wear it-unlike some fashion victims out there.....Micha Barton anyone?

Where am I going with this you might ask? Well, In my opinion, there are two kinds of fashionistas out there; Fashion victims and fashion followers. The latter being the category I'd like to think I fall into. (fashion victim is the afore mentioned slave to fashion who wears whatever the catwalks and magazines say she should, despite what she likes or suits her shape)

And god forbid you end up looking EXACTLY the same as your friends like those clones we've all seen haunting our local shopping centres.

Now, I suppose you could call it teenage rebellion. But I am now 24, so It's just petty rebellion. But because every man woman and child is now decorating their body with floral fabric; I don't want to- even though I like it. So maybe this makes me a victim of my own desire to be unique? who knows? But I don know that I'm loving this floral trend (not the fact that EVERYONE seems to be following it of course) So I have decided not to abandon it altogether but to find a new way of wearing florals. So I have been on the hunt for different ways to include florals in my spring wardrobe without relying on floral fabrics.

Here are some of the floral beauties I have found and have been sporting and will continue to wear for the remainder of this season; enjoy.

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