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Friday, 30 April 2010

Carmex Vs Kiehl's

For most people, one or other of these two famous lipbalms is their Holy Grail lip balm. I had been a devotee of the old vaseline for years. (since I started senior school a whopping 13 or so years ago-even though I still look about 12 sometimes!). However I eventually succumbed to the temptation of the much hyped about awesome twosome and purchased them both together to do a comparison; Here is my Review;

Carmex comes in either the pot version (as shown) or a tube version like the Kiehl's one. I like the choice and actually have both. The tube goes in my hand bag and is easy for one handed touch up during the day. I prefer the pot as it somehow feels more fitting with my pre-bedtime face/skincare ritual.
I love the refreshing soothing smell of this. I also love the non greasy consistancy. Applying lipstick over the top is a dream.
I had very chapped lips when I began using this as it was during the time of that fickle weather where the summer was on it';s way out so the heating was on but we were still getting the odd hot day and this worked wonders. My red lipstain came out for halloween and there was not a flake to be found upon my lips when I came to apply it. (not a dry toothbrush or a lipscrub needed either).
The price is very reasonable. (around the £3-£4 mark depending on where you go) and it lasts a nice long time. I've had mine for 6 months and use it religiously and only just hit the bottom!

Kiehl's on the other hand only comes in the form of a tube but I didn't let that put me off as I'd heard sooooo many great things about this product. It's a bit over priced at roughly £8 a tube so i was expecting miracles.
However what I founds wasn't that far from the petrolium jelly i had previously been using in the form of my 98p vaseline! I initially wasn't very impressed but decided to press on with it and give it about a month befor decided it's fate.
Unfortunatley it's fate ended up being the back of my reject drawer. It did virrtually nothing to improve my chapped lips. And it's greasy tecture made any lipstick I applied over the top justy slide right off. Seriously...who pays 8 quid for this time and time again?
On the plus side it does contain spf 4. But what good really is spf 4 gonna do? i suppose spf 4 is better than no spf but still, I'd far rather apply a little of my moisturiser with an SPF of 25 onto my lips and then slather carmex on top. That way I know my pout is protected.
I honestly don't think it's worth it. kiehl's have done some pretty decent things, But for me I think that in the case of the lip balm, you're only paying for a brand.

So the final verdict?

Carmex 9/10
Kiehl's 2/10

I feel the 2 is a bit generous for the Kiehl's but as it contained some sort of SPF and the carmex didn't i felt it had to score higher than a 1. Next time though I'd rather buy vaseline and a cheap suncream from poundland. saving me £6 and I'd have a higher SPF.

I'm a Carmex convert. It has taken up official residence in my beauty kit and is now a staple item in my collection. Carmex my wonderful friend, I salute you!

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