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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Primark on Yo face!

As a sucker for packaging and a great price It's not difficult to believe I squeeled when I popped into Primark in Birmingham (which was NEXT DOOR to the hotel we were staying in at a recent gig the Boyf and I went to. Hello? Can anyone say Fate much? It was like a beacon of light lifted me in to a chorus of Angels 'La-ah-ah-ah') an saw they had a rather extensive makeuprange starting at £1!!!!!! OMG.
I was actually looking for a pair of earrings that my store never got in (I never did get them) but then I saw the most beautiful sight! I grabbed a basket a filled it with makeup. Total value of basket contents £11. WHAT!? yeah, I know! 11 quid!!!

You can clearly see where they have tried to rip off brands like Urbab Decay, Benefit and too faced with their packaging. The products shown aren't the only ones I've got from Primark by ANY MEANS. Just the ones I bought on that particular excursion. SO in the mix up we have;
-Brow powder and Wax duo -thumbs up
-Purple eye shadow -thumbs down
-liquid eyeliner-thumbs up
-bronzer and blusher duo-thumbs half up half down. (I have been spoiled in the rhealm of blusher so perhaps I would have liked it had I not)
-a gel eyeliner -DEFO THUMBS DOWN
and finally, last but by no means least there is the duo -highlighter and cheek gel- thumbs UP.
For more extensive reviews of particular products please let me know you want one. But for now I will just say that the gel eyeliner is basically just grease. It never sets, transfers even 5 hours after you put it on. BLINKING makes it smudge. it's just a mess in a pot waiting to happen on your face. don't go there! But for a ,easley £1 what can you expect?
The other item I have from other shopping trips I am much happier with and use quite frequently. They include mascaras, anothe eyeshadow, lip products, a primer, another blusher etc etc. I will post about these soon...

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  1. I didn't know primark had makeup! But I can't let myself get carried away, i'm on project 10 pan now...must maintain self control...


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