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Thursday, 17 June 2010

I don't know about you but....

.....I love going swimming. In the summer months I love to get the paddling pool out in the back garden and have a splash about with my boys. They seem to find it twice as much fun if they get to splash mummy! And when we can I love to go swimming with the family. The local Lido is the best place to be with a stack of magazines, a picnic hamper and an ipod. BUT the one thing I hate?
The Getting dried and dressed afterwards! I can't stand it! But I've discovered a nifty little trick to help speed things up!
And it is; (drumroll please)
Johnson's baby oil gel.

It could be any baby oil, gel or otherwise really but the johnson's gel one is my favourite. I had a SIMPLE one before but I prefer the scent of this one.

Basically before I get into the water, I smother myself in this. And not only does it keep my skin moisturised and help pretect it from chlorine and other nasties in the water, it also means that when I get out, the water literally just ROLLS OFF ME! score!

If your paddling in the garden or at the lido it's best because then you can just dry off in your costume in about 5 minutes. So you can get back in the water later if you want with out getting changed in between or soaking a towel! I didn't even use a towel last time! When you've finished you swim session, you can hop in the shower, and smother yourself again while you're skin is still wet and then getting dried and dressed is so easy!
Plus your skin is soft and smells nice. Bonus!

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  1. Great tip, i might have to invest in some. I've used some before just to give a bit of shine to my legs :)


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