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Friday, 4 June 2010

It's very almost nearly completely my birthday...

.....and I'm so excited eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I will go to bed tonight a mere 23 year old and wake up tomorrow a 24 year old. Which doesn't actually seem very old to me at all (probably because It's not!)
We are having a Boozy BBQ with friends and I can't wait. Having 2 childeren, I sometimes feel a bit frumpy when i am with them and a bit out of the loop. There is much catchy uppy-ness to be had.
In the morning/afternoon we are having family time then the boys will be with their grandmother for the BBQ so we can be off parent duty and have a relaxing worry-free time!
Also, I love getting all dressed up and girlie so I can't wait to do that either.
I havn't felt this excited about a birthday for almost 10years!! I don'y know why I'm feeling so excited this time.... ah well. Nothing to complain about. life is so good. I have a wonderful boyfriend who I've been together with since we were 15. 2 Beautiful healthy happy boys. A lovely house. great friends and of course my parents and brother and the reast of my family!Sometimes I feel like we've done so much so young. Other times I feel like we're just beginning. All I know is, I wouldn't rather be doing anything else, be with anyone else, or be anywhere else!
Sorry to be so sickly guys. I suppose I'm just feeling in a very content and grateful/reflective and philosophic mood? Anyhoo..... :D xxx


  1. aaww how sweet. Hope you had a great day! xxx

  2. I know I'm late but Happy Birthday for Saturday!!!
    Do you have any pics from your night out? Would love to see what you wore...
    You're definately not being sickly/soppy! Like you've mentionned you have loads to be happy about so good 4 you! :-)

  3. BTW my word verification was misminger lol is blogspot trying to tell me something?!


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