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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Barbra Daly For Tesco

My Top 3 favourite products at the moment are all from Tesco's own range. Yes I am talking about the supermarket. They had their own brand range of makeup designed and created by the Famous makeup artist Barbra Daly.
Prices are on a par with most drug store brands including Revlon, GOSH and Bourjois. The packaging is slightly more grown up and more in line with somthing from clinique. But the Quality is FANTASTIC! I can't Rave enough about these products. It's a good job there isn't a Tesco near me or i would be permanantly Broke!
My Product of the moment is this Glow Up. Anyone who watches my video on youtube will have seen me use this and spout off about it before. The formula is such that it blends into your already applied foundation rather than sitting on top of it of 'lifting it up' and going patchy and streaky. It looks completely natural for a truly lit from with in glow. I LOVE it... luff luff luff luff luff.... <3 <3

Second there is this easy-on-the-eye eyeshadow pen, in the shade calico.
With its built in brush making it ideal for travel, this glides on like a dream. Lasts ALL day (and night), is the perfect blendable consistancy, feels smoothe and light, Forms a perfect base for any eyeshadow, Is gorgeous to wear on it's own and. Can even be worn as a highlighter...need I go on?

And finally, fave number 3 is the cream foundation. Mine is in the shade Ivory. The colour selection was not that extensive in the Tesco I bought this one from but perhaps larger stores have a larger range? I'm not too sure, but this shade is the PERFECT colour match to my skin tone.
What I dearly love the most about this foundation, apart from its superior blendabilitty, is the fact that is part-sets. This means that whilst I have planty of time to blend my foundation, I also don't need to powder. Because it doesn't set completely, I can blend away mistakes from fall out etc, But because it part sets i don't have to worry about it sliding off my face whn I'm going for a dewy un-powdered look. It feels like NOTHING is on your face and it also Looks like it's your skin. You CANNOT SEE it on your face despite the fact it has amazing coverage.

Other picks from the BD range include;

liquid eyeliner in a purpley-gre colour. The colour name is worn offas this one is a few years old now but it's still available. I like it becaue i sometimes find black is too harsh during the day, and I get bored of brown. So this makes a nice change for a more soft look. Plus I have green eyes so the purpley tomes in this really makes them 'pop'. I hate saying that, I always get mental images of my eye ball exploding. :/

Lipstick in the colour 'innocent'

Gloss over for use on eyes, lips and cheeks.

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  1. I really need to check out this makeup range. I always forget when i'm on the food run. But its good getting it from tescos as you get the clubcard points and it sounds like amazing quality.


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