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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Makedo and Mend! WARNING VERY long blog post!

Noooo, that's not mine! I wish, oh how I wish I had a dressing table. It has been an ambition (I aim low, thus more chance of success, although apparantly not in this case ) of mine since I was a wee tot! But I haven't yet got one.

With two boys in tow somthing always comes up that uses the dressing table budget (or what would be if we had anything to save). And their needs are greater than mine (and my needs are great. I mean, has anyone noticed yet how obsessed with makeup I am?) So that speaks volumes as to how much children become your life. Seriously, That's Love!

And with all joking aside, It is seriously somthing I've been lusssssting after since before I could tie my own shoe laces (soo that's 17 then :P- nah I'm not that bad but it did take me a very long time to learn. I think I was about 6 or 7 before I finally grasped it! I actually learned division before the knot)

But Alas! It is somthing I don't posess. ( have I said that already?) And it pains me to inform you it will most likely be a very long time yet (and I'm talking years here people!) before I do! So I've had to make do with a temporary (permanant) set up in the form of shelves! And I've done quite well for myself I might add.

It provides the necessary storage for my ever expanding habit and it actually looks quite nice which I feel is equally important. (not as nice as a dressing table though but then as my mother reminded me not too long ago, She had to wait over 40 years to finally have one (I'm talking this year)-(brackets inside brackets?-that's a new one!) and so if she had to wait that long then so can I. )

Has anyone managed to not notice how many brackets I've used in this post so far? That's what happens when you attempt to blog whilst high on codine. I've actually only taken one but it's made me feel quite spinny and slightly merry! Which is better than weak and wobbly with the pain I was suffering earlier from having thrown my back out YET again! (having kids can cost you more than you might think! *shakes fist* But that's a tale for another time) See, there I go again...... off on a tangent. (Does the word 'tangent' make anyone else thing about triangles?)

GAH! I'd better get on with this post before someone arrests me for crimes against blogging in the mis-use of brackets category. Or worse, I bore people to death. The the charge might be involuntary manslaughter??? anyway, with out too much ado (shhhh-don't say anything about the ramble) I give you my POST (hurrah!... now somebody bind her fingers before she can ramble anymore...........)actually don't, she's got a blog post to type up yet. are you referring to yourself in the third person and now talking to yourself? Why yes., yes I am! *maniacle cackle* ahem, Here is my set up as of this moment;

So I have a chest of drawers which holds underwear, swimwear, nightwear, socks, tights, leggings, and sports (exercising) wear. You seriously didn't need to know that but I like to share. ;) Above it, I have a shelf from wilkinsons which cost about £3 and I thre away the ugly wooden brackets and bought fixtures for hanging baskets for a pound each an used those instea. Initially, I draped chain lights through these and the effect was lovely! But atm I have a scarf with bangles on as I have nowhere else to keep them. MOVING on......

Here is a close up of the centre of that shelf. I have an ornate butterfly on the wall, a patchwork camel, A photoframe of my first cat that I framed when I was 14 (I seriously need to update that picture) a blue mirrored candle, a fairy glitter waterglobe from PAST TIMES, a wooden jewellery box with my name on containing drop earrings, and a green pot that looks like a crown containing stretchy bangles..... Just out of view is a ring tree shaped like a hand holding, you guessed it, RINGS! *applause* "..and whadda we got for her Johnny?"

Here is a close up of that ring tree.

Next to the drawers I have a small book shelf with, Starting at the bottom; HAIRCARE;

In red box; Haircare products used most often.

Clear plastic tub shaped like paint tin containing hair elastics, sectioning clips and bobby pins. Small purple round pout containg safety pins and spare earring backs. (behind is a travel size pot of MARK HILL holliday hair straightening balm)

Next is a box I got in a shop under the empirestate building in NYC when I was 17. The shop was called 'STRAWBERRY. so I had to buy somthing from there because I'm also OBSESSED with strawberries! :) Anyway, Inside that box I keep alive bands, Those plaitted elastic head bands and my collection of floral elastic headbands. on top of that is an elpty Forrero Rocher containing pretty hair clips and facinators.

On the next shelf up (the middle shelf) we have; MAKEUP and skincare.
here we have that organiser tray from TK MAXX I've blogged about before which holds my most frequently used and current fave makeup. Nect to that is a box (I use the lids from perfime boxes by the way) containing my current skincare system. Toners, cotton pads, cotton buds, cleansers, moisturisers, face wipes, eyecreams, and lip balms.
I keep face washes and scrubs in the bathroom.

Next shelf up (top shelf) we have hand and nailcare and nail varnishes . Oh and a random massager. So In the tin lunch box that looks like a mini suitcase there are cotton socks, cotton gloves, and exfoliating gloves. The metal tin (from an easter egg) there are foot scrubs, foot lotions, hand lotions and nail polishes. A foot file, a scraper thing that I've forgotten the name of for getting rid of dead skin. In the pink box (It was a gift box my brother gave me a necklace in from clintons (the box not the necklace) years ago, which I kept because it was pretty. Shame I don't still have the necklace! I was about 10 though so my tastes have changed in my defense) I have all time fave nail polishes.
In the wicker basket (from a bath set bought in asda at christmas last year) there are my most frequently used and on trend nail polishes. In another Forero Rocher box I have nail files, cuticle creams and oils, clippers, nail scissors, cuticle trimmers, false nail trimmers etc. you know the kinda thing!On top of the box is acetone free nail polish remover and foot soak salts. And next to that, (nearly there) Body lotions and hand creams. (phew)

On top of the Bookcase I have another easter egg metal bucket thing *this time a princessy one because some one gave my BOYS a princessy one?) which contains different brushes and combs and a racoon stuffed toy that i saw and fell in love with in New Look. It's eyes are so CUTE!
I also have a bear. A lipstain from B nevertoobusytoobebeautiful. A body glitter, a fairy, a shimmer body lotion and spare cotton pads. Oh and the Box on the left contains my most favourite of all my products across skincare, haircare and makeup. Basically, my current products of obsession.

Then, Next to the bookshelf I have Makeup and perfume storage.
the two sets of drawers(stacked on top of eachother) were £4 each from wilkinsons and I just alternated toe pink and pruple drawers to make them look more unified. Then on top of those I have another cardboard (magazine box I think) box which was $4 from primark. (inside there I keep receipts and boxes of products. The beauty of having the larger box ontop of the drawers is that it gives me a larger surface area. On the box there are tow sets of mini drawers (£2 each from wilkinsons). In the mini drawers I keep things like false eyelashes, lash glue, eyedrops, and other odds and ends that are neccessary but don't look very nice and I don't want to get lost. Then in front (in this picture) is my perfume collection which has since been moved out of the sunlight. on top of the mini drawers are my makeup brushes and a small pot containing stud earrings. On the wall above this I have nails dotted around with my necklaces on them.
In the big drawers I have my make up. Goin down from the top I have, 1/foundations, primers, concealers and face powders. 2/blushers, bronzers and highlighters, 3/lip products, 4/eyeshadows (pressed) 5/loose eyeshadows. and 6/eyeliners (pencils, gel or otherwise, mascaras, and brow pwncils and brow powders.
There is a small gap at the bottom between the bookshelf and the drawers where the drawers are smaller than the box on top of them so it creates a little 'cubby hole' where I keep self tanners and SPFs. I also stash my personal hairdressing scissors here. ( I am not a hair stylist but I do like to experiment and have found I am quite goo at it. I do my family and sometimes my friends hair)

So here are the brushes.
In the forever friends mug which I've had since I was 12, I have face brushes (foundation, blush, bronzer and powder) and in the Blue box to the left, which was a box that had jewellery in it that I bought from PAST TIMES I have 2 other containers creating 3 sections. So in the farleft container which was a clear tealight holder with a heart on it from dotcomgiftshop, I havemostly eyebrushes. next to it is a small mosaic mirrored pot which originally came with 3 mosaic mirrored pens also from past times, I have favourite and most used brushes. In the space at the from are eyelash curlers, a pancil shaprener and some tweezers. Oh and a kabuki.
Omgosh. I am so sorry if I annoyed anyone reading this post. I know I'm a bit spinny atm but hopefully I explained why earlier on. I can't really remember. But If youread all of this you have got my respect. If I havn't bored you to tears that is ;)



  1. Your better at storage than me - im an absolute mess!lol I love your long posts there really interesting and I get a real insight so keep doing them (if you get the time!)

    I am in ♥ with the dressing table tho *sighs* really wish I owned it!


  2. haha. I think everyone in UK does because it's from Pottery Barn teen (PBteen) in the US and they don't ship to the UK so we can't get all their amazing stuff. You should look on their website so you can drool at all the other gorgeous dressing tables they have that we can't get...like I do! haha!
    Aww and thanks I will try to do long posts when I can


  3. Woops, FAIL! I tried to do a <3 but did <£ instead.... :/

  4. that dressing table is like furniture porn i'm in love!! i've been after one for aaages too, i thought i found the perfect one as well selling on ebay for barely anything in my local area..i got so excited until i realised it was a play one for children haha :'). i've seen some for £250 on the net but that is just too painful to splurge atm haha. think i need to whip my boyfriend into shape he's a joiner so its only fair he makes me one and i'll pay him in cups of tea and hugs - dont think he'll agree though haha. i love your long posts they're dead interesting and your fab at writing! also you have a really good sense of humour :) so don't worry deffo not bored to tears! xxx

  5. sorry for the amount of 'hahas' in that paragraph, think i need to ban myself from using it more than once in a comment to avoid sounding like a nutter.. argh even now i'm having to stop myself!! xxx


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