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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Upcoming Birthday Haul?

Well, I had a fantabulous Birthday! My boyf did good! :) We had lights under the parasol of the patio set, then benches under a gazebo with lights and balloons on it, AND Blue voils hanging down like some kind of morrocan tent! The benches under the gazebo had LOADS of cushions and there were candles everywhere! It looked lush. Then He did the PERFECT BBQ. The first batch of purgers did look like little lumps of coal, but after that everything cooked perfectly. It was amazing! All my friends turned up and the merryment began. The Boyf made a playlist on the ipod of party music and all my fave songs-even the ones he doesn't like (aww) and there was bunting (tee hee), giant straws, cocktail glasses, oh, and he got me a CAKE with a candle that played a happy birthday tune...ahhhhh! I'm so lucky. yes, I suppose I am gushing a bit, but it was so chuffed he's gone to so much effort. After 9 years together (5 living together) he's still pulling out all the stops. I was BEAMING all night. My brother said 'that's a pretty dress...I'm going to spoil your figure for it now...' and then he produced the biggest bx of thorntons chocolate I have ever seen!! (I've nearly eaten them all already though).
The Birthday dress I wore I found in H&M a couple of days before and I fell in love with it, but I coudn't decide between that one and another one so my boyf said, 'I get you one now if you want so you can wear it on your bday. I always get you a present early anyway'. I was really quite torn between the one I ended up with and the other one, and I went back in the next day to see if they still had it to get it as well because it was only £25 and it looked like somthing from Lipsy... but they were all gone :(
On my birthday morning he and my eldest woke me up with a couple of cans sof silly string!! The He brought me breakfast in bed and a pile of presents... the first one I opened? THE OTHER DRESS! :) and omg.... he got the right size? he was obviouslt paying more attention than I thought!
One of my other presents is HILARIOUS and I can't put it down, but think I'll save that for when I post my birthday haul....now the question is, do I post pics on here or do I post a youtube video? hmmm.... or BOTH?


  1. I think either, youtube video would be great, but i sometimes find its easier to write a review for a product cos i always forget to mention something on youtube. But as long as i see pictures its all good ;)

  2. awww your boyfriend is soooo sweet you sure found a good one there! your birthday sounds fab :) i'm glad you had a really good time :D. oooh i'm thinking youtube vid but whichever you fancy i'm going to read/watch anyway haha xxxx


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