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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Wedding dress and Venue in the bag!

Yesterday was a VERY productive day. Spent the afternoon with my wedding dress designer, taking measurements (yikes!) and finalising the design. I am so pleased with it.It's better then anything i could have imagined, even though I did imagine it. I can't wait to show you pictures but alas! You will have to wait until october 6th (the date of the wedding) to see me wearing it. There will be no sneak peaks as my fiance sometimes checks out my blog and obviously, he can't see! I'm *so excited*
We finalised all the details with the venue yesterday as well. The phone didn't stop ringing all day. While I was in Bristol with the lovely Maresa who is making my dress, Find her website
here or her facebook here, My lovely other half took our two sons to rugby practice and then to watch a film and then made pizzas with them at home. *sigh* I went to bed in a blissfully happy dream-like state. This morning he woke me up with a cup of tea while our 2 (nearly 3) year old climbed into bed with me for cuddles..... Such a hard life!
As I can't show you my dress, I shall leave you with a bitmap of the images I collected for my dress inspiration just to tantalize you.....
(click to enlarge)

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  1. love that collage, you picked out some lovely detail, can't wait to see your dress!xx


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